National Novel Writing Month - NanoWriMo - Get Your Ideas Down - Freewrite!

There is a trick new writers learn early on in their career, to
FREE-WRITE, also known as, stream-of-consciousness-writing.

Free-writing is allowing yourself to jot or type any thoughts that come to mind without internalizing those thoughts by editing or becoming too aware of how they might sound to someone else. You just write, write and then write some more. The idea is to keep writing for a set period of time, even if what is written ends up reading like total garbage.

The technique is used to liberate the writer from any self-doubt and in the more experienced writer to release them from writer's block.

Set yourself a time limit and have a go today!

The rules with freewriting are:

1. There are no rules.

Just write!

For your interest, (although I'm late with this one), see: for this years National Novel Writing Month. A place to just write. Read more about it on the site.

Have fun!

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