National Novel Writing Month - NanoWriMo - I'm stuck. What Can I Write?

Yesterday we had a go at freewriting, but as we are almost half-way through NanoWriMo this November. It is about this time of the challenge that a lot of writers get "stuck" and start to feel they can't think of anything else to write about. Don't let this be you. Yes, NanoWriMo's daily word count is a challenge but not impossible.

Set yourself small achievable goals throughout the day, and reward yourself if you achieve them.

Here is a group of suggestions I've noticed on the NanoWriMo forums this year.

  • Set your goal word count at the closest round number and aim for that.
  • Write a Post-it Note that says "Just do it!" or "You can do this" and place it somewhere you can see it throughout the day.
  • If you get stuck for words, ask yourself "then what happened" or "what happened next?"
  • Get rid of distractions - work away from other people or noises. Some writers like the opposite and work with music. Do what suits you.
  • Threaten yourself, "Your Write or You Die!"
There are many more suggestions see Google for more.

Set yourself a goal and write today!

For your interest, see: NanoWriMo for this years National Novel Writing Month. A place to write. Read more about it on the site.

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