On Writing & Getting Published - Set Yourself A Time Limit

It's all true what they say - as much as I hate to admit it. In order to achieve anything in this life we need to set goals or at the very least a time limit or a deadline (call it what you will). If you don't make a purpose out of something it won't ever get done.

Setting a deadline is the one thing I've battled and resisted all my life. I've come up with plenty of ideas - (more than my human share of ideas) but until I set a timeframe they are just ideas floating around in my head never to be tested! To make something really happen you not only have to come up with an idea, but set a time to complete it and do it.

Call it goal setting, a To Do list,  a list of tasks or whatever!

See the link to this article - read about Darren Rowse http://www.problogger.net/archives/2009/10/15/the-1-reason-my-blogging-grew-into-a-business/. Darren's wife gave him a ultimatum in the form of a "deadline" to complete the task of making a living out of blogging or else, "get a real job" (or something to that effect!)

You see, even those of us who don't like to set goals or timeframes for tasks can sometimes have them thrust upon us and this is when things happen.

There are several people throughout history who set themselves goals and once they set a timeframe - that was it - they completed the task.

So today's blog is really about YOU.

About setting yourself a GOAL, even a small one and then attaching a time to complete that goal and then most important of all, following through with ACTION. Let's face it nothing gets done unless we act. (For writers - action is a verb - a doing word).

Get to it!

Let me know how you go, I'd love to hear from you.
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