Unique Voice - Writing (or finding your voice)


We all have our own personalities. We all have likes and dislikes.

This topic - Unique Voice in Writing - is about your writing "VOICE" (or finding your voice).

When we say "voice" referring to the "writing voice" we are emphasizing a unique style in writing. The sound it has. The character, humor or other characteristics it delivers to the reader.

If you scan several websites you will notice that a lot of sites sound the same. As far as we know they could have all been written by the same person. Nothing particularly makes them stand out one from the other. They don't make you question, “Something doesn't sound right here?” They are somehow similar, informative and provide information.

You may notice that academic papers have an informative style of voice. This type of writing is good for getting information across to the reader but it will not make you do something. It may make you think and question but it will not make you act eg, buy something.

When writing for selling the "voice" becomes very important.

The writing is designed to make a person take action. The voice may use humor, fear, curiosity, satire or sarcasm. It might be upbeat, honest, chatty or serious. It is written to make the reader feel some emotion. It encourages the reader to act on the advice given e.g., buy an item.

Another voice may be used in fiction. The voice gives the reader a sense of the characters. One character in a novel should not sound the same as another character. This is known as the "characters voice".

A mother and son or husband and wife should sound different. However, there may be likenesses from the family connections e.g., habits, sayings or nuances and these can be shown in the writing by use of voice.

The narrators job in a work of fiction is to blend into the background as a storyteller, unnoticed and unobtrusive to the story being told.

Yet, another narrators voice may command attention with their strong tone that in some cases becomes characteristic of certain writers. Top selling authors with strong voices include: Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie, Stephen King, Dean Koonz, James Patterson, J.K. Rowling, Dr. Seuss, Wilbur Smith, J.R.R. Tolkien, Leo Tolstoy and the reasonably new writer on the scene - Stephenie Meyer.

Practice using different forms of writing to find your voice. After you have been writing for some time you will notice that you stick to the same style or that you change your voice to match the different types of writing that you do.

Don't be afraid to experiment with your voice. Once you are comfortable with a certain way of writing you may find people prefer to read particular pieces of your writing but not others. Look at those pieces and analyze what it is that the reader did or did not like.

But, most importantly WRITE and ENJOY the process as you learn and grow in your writing technique.

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