Writing & Getting Published - Check Your Work

You've completed your creative, ingenious, masterpiece and you’re all set to send it off to the Publisher.


Are you absolutely sure it is ready?

Have you checked your work?

Before you send your work spend some time reading it out loud.

Ask yourself:
  • Does it make sense?
  • Are main points clear and concise? Do ideas flow logically?
  • Have I answered ALL the reader’s (likely) questions?
  • Is there any typing or spelling mistakes? (Spell checker is a great tool, but remember, it is ONLY A TOOL and tools require trained operators to use them).
  • Is there any grammatical mistakes?
  • Read your work backwards (this helps to find any spelling mistakes).
  • Then, do one final check. Preferably leave the work until the next day or until after you have taken a break. (This of course is not always possible or practical, especially for online blogs, articles, etc where deadlines are tight).

Just one last thing

Remember, we are all only human and we do make mistakes.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do find errors after publication or worse if someone else points them out to you. They are only concerned that your good work is received in the light it was meant.

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