3 Steps to Setting Your New Year’s Writing Resolutions


Whether you are a professional writer or enjoy writing as a hobby, your writing success depends on your ability to set realistic and achievable writing goals.

Setting New Year resolutions is a relatively easy task. The hard part is following them through to a successful end. Put your writing first this year and achieve all you want to achieve by using these three easy goal setting tips.

1. Set realistic and achievable writing goals so you can have some measure of success. For example, “I will write 300 words per day every day except Sundays”.

2. Try to add a bit of stretch in your goals but make sure you don’t make the goal impossible. Concentrate on what you can achieve. For example, “Last year I set my goal at 200 words per day and achieved it so this year I am aiming for 300 words per day”.

3. Factor in a reward for effort. Set yourself a target and reward yourself when you reach that goal. For example, “If I write 300 words per day for three months I will reward myself with a ticket to a movie or a new book from the library”. These rewards don’t have to be huge or expensive, just something you would like.

In the past you may have made intentional or accidental resolutions. Some of those resolutions you may have liked but it’s highly likely the majority you didn’t and some of your writing goals just never happened.

Make this year different. Follow the above three steps and make your resolutions enjoyable this year.

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