Article Writing - Staying Focused On Your Topic...

Funny for me to be writing this article. I am so NOT the person who stays focussed, but I try...

Staying focussed is a good thing and for those who can do it - it works!

Writers need to stay focused. It is important to pick a topic from all the possible combinations of topics that you could possibly write about and stick with it throughout your piece.

Particularly important when writing articles. Short, sweet, to the point and focusing on one main issue or at the most three issues. Perhaps even one topic with three points. (there I go being tempted to get off topic). 

Readers search articles for an answer. They usually have a  specific question in mind. It's very imporant your article stays focused and gives the searched for answer.

Readers want quick answers. If they are to stay longer, then you have to offer something more that attracts their attention or offers a new perspective or a new idea. Something exciting or different that draws them in.

Crucial part is the article heading or title. You need to pick a subject line or title that encapsulates the exact topic you cover in the article. If you find yourself going off on another tangent then you may also find your reader will go off to another website to find the answer they are looking for.

Reader frustration and disappointment happens because your article promised one thing and delivered another. You presented yet another topic or issue and this was not what the reader was hoping for.

The secret is to stay focused.

Good Luck with that.

Do you have trouble staying focused too?

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