It's Time To Re-visit Our New Year Resolutions...

It's almost February!

Is this year going to fly like the last?

Now that we have the whole New Year thingy over and done with it's time to re-visit our resolutions.

It's around this time of year we all start to loose motivation and forget our new year's writing resolutions. I know I do.

How about you?

How can we stay motivated?

Here's a few quick tips

  • Have a buddy who will keep you on track
  • Make sure your goals are small enough to achieve. If your goal is huge, break it down into smaller more achievable goals
  • Check your progress. Set up a reminder to ask yourself, "How's it going?"
  • Don't be too hard on yourself. Try to remember this goal setting stuff is supposed to be fun and rewarding
  • Remind yourself why you wanted this goal. Check your written goals so you can remind yourself the reason you wanted this goal. If you haven't written a reason yet - Get Writing!
How do you stay motivated?

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