Write What You Know - Or Make Stuff Up!

How many times have you heard this old adage?

What a crappy thing to tell writers...
Everything You Need: A NovelIt's even been quoted here in the days of lesser knowledge. The days before reading the works of A L Kennedy (Alison, please change the colors on your website - it's so darn hard to read!) A L Kennedy is a Scottish Writer and Stand-up Comedian who has won many prizes for her works. Check out her novels at Amazon. 

"Write what you know" is an overused and restrictive piece of advice that doesn't do anything to help writers evolve.

If you find you're writing "what you know" and you don't have any fun then forget it! Write what interests you with passion and emotion. Write about things that are important for you to write about.

If it's boring, dump it!

Use your imagination and don't be afraid to express your thoughts openly and honestly. People are sick of reading the same old guff. People want to hear about unusual or different things that happen to other people. If you resist sharing because you thought you were not qualified to write about it - just dump that thought right now and get writing.

Day (Vintage Contemporaries)And a BIG,
HUGE THANK YOU to A L Kennedy It's like you gave permission to freely use imagination and as you say, "Make things up because it's easier".
If you want to hear A L Kennedy's advice for yourself, click here, (it may take quite some time to load) BUT, you'll be amazed! Love when she takes you through her writing space and so much more...

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