Writing Tip!

Here's a TIP!



Yes, I know, boring, you've heard it all before but it's not that easy is it? Writing is hard work.

Or rather, writing is easy but it's harder to KEEP WRITING.

Did you know that the most common complaint from Publishers and Editors is not that your work has too many grammar, spelling, typos or dangling modifiers? It's simply they are not receiving enough writing from their clients. Put simply,

"You don't write enough!"

Publishers want completed work. If the story/work's good enough they'll deal with the grammar, punctuation and spelling but they need something to work with first.

A lot of writers say "It's too hard to write" or "I don't seem to find the time" (BS!). Writing itself is not the issue here. It is writing consistently enough to finish something - THAT is what most writers struggle with. Writing like anything else takes effort - Consistent, Continual and NON-STOP effort.

So if you are not writing often then you are not going to get published. So, WRITE!

Now, I need to go take my own advice!

I hope you got something from today's Tip.

Keep Writing!

And write me and let me know how you are going.
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