Boxed In - Could It Be A Writers Worst Fear?

I recently moved my writing desk and associated computer, screen, notepads, pens, camera, etc to the lounge room so I could be a part of the family.

Somehow this was not such a good idea. Well, not one of my better ones anyway.

I realised this morning that the new position makes me fell boxed in because the furniture is surrounding me and the television is definately a distraction even though missing television programs was part of my reasoning for moving to the lounge. Oh, and being part of the family of course ;)

But, with the reflections during the day from the window with the sun shining on my back. I can't help but feel boxed in.

Have you thought about where you write?

Do you allow yourself enough space to be creative?

Do you have a favorite spot that you like to write from?

Remember, as a writer you need to be able to concentrate and focus. Being distracted by television and family, although nice, can be very off-putting.

Have a think about your writing space.

Is it the best it could be?

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