How Is the The Writer-Mushroom Going To Promote To Its Reading Audience?

This is a sad but true reality for writers.

There will come a day when you'll have to promote your work and that means being in front of people, whether you like it or not!

One day, you may finish that novel you've been working on... [or not]. And one day, you're going to have to face the world, overcome your fears and phobias; speak in public, talk to your readers, ride the subway, board a plane or travel abroad to promote your novel.

Any writer that wants to be successfully published needs to be aware that when the whole, so-called amazing writing process (the damned novel) that plagued you over the past five years is over, you will actually have to go and meet real people; living, breathing, not always nice and, sometimes nice, people.

Some will criticize and pick fault, some will appreciate what you do and others will completely ignore you. Either way you'll have to be prepared for how all this makes you feel.

Start planning for your success, today. Picture what it will be like and decide if this writing caper is really what you want to do.

Is there another way?

Can marketing your novel yourself be avoided or should it be embraced?

How does all this make you feel?

Put some thought into this and let us know what you come up with. There's sure to be a lot of writers out there who dread this day and avoid it at all costs.

Life - like a good story - is a path to growth and change.

Successfully Marketing Your Novel In The 21st CenturyTake some time to think about it.
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