ANZAC Moon... For My Dad


Anzac Moon

Be still my beating heart
my busy mind
listen for the spirit
which is Anzac.

Hearken my soul
my source within
I am a winner
because of you

All who are no longer with me
I will remember you
although the distance between
the memory of war is a lifetime.

I will quieten my mind and listen
to the spirit
which is Anzac.

Leanne Johnston 25th April, 2007

No Such Thing As Writer's Block - You're Just Lazy - A Theory...


There’s no such thing as writer’s block. In reality it’s laziness.

Some people say it’s procrastination but the truth about that word procrastination is, it’s an intelligent-sounding word to describe writer's block when in fact it's simply the writer being lazy.

The Oxford Dictionary says procrastination is a verb; a verb is a “doing word” or so my sixth grade teacher told me. As a verb procrastination is to delay or postpone action. If we are procrastinating at least we are "doing something".

As a noun it's procrastination and if YOU do it as a writer, it’s still a noun and you’re a procrastinator.

I prefer to say, you’re lazy.

You’re just plain lazy.

And, if and when I get, The Block, like the common cold, I call it, being lazy. There are lots of other words and parts of sentences that describe, the block, too. Words like unmotivated, lacking inspiration, stuck, can’t seem to find the right words, apathetic, inert, etc, but basically it all amounts to laziness.

But, because we try to be nice little critters and not say things that hurt and offend we say, “It’s a case of Writer’s Block. He/she hasn’t been able to write a thing for six months”.

Sweet, aren’t we?

Truth is the person’s dog-gone lazy. They choose to do other things as a way of puting it off, as in the origin of the word in the Latin procrastinare ‘defer till the morning’.

I’m worn out now so I think I’ll take the Latin option. Until then...

Keep yourself motivated!

Are You Achieving Your Writing Goals? If Not, Here's Some Help...


Since it's April and the New Year is becoming a distant memory, it's a good time to evaluate your writing goals for this year.

The question is - is your writing growing and developing the way you planned?

When you first set your writing goals for this year, how much writing did you plan to be writing by now?

Or, how many submissions did you expect to have submitted?

If you are succeeding in your goals then you are one of the consistent ones and - congratulations! Keep up the good work! :)

However, if you are struggling - why is this?

Why isn't your writing developing to the level you expected it would?

How many words are you writing per day?

How many submissions have you written and submitted to publications, magazines, ezines?

What could you do to improve?

Here are some simple suggestions:
1) Daily writing drills
2) Enrolling in a writing course
3) Joining an online writers, critique or readers group

My recommendation for anyone who is struggling with their writing goals is to generate 200 - 500 words per day.

Choose just one of the choices above and stick with it for 21 days. It only takes 21 days to create a habit.

Writing, for a person who wants to be a serious writer should be like brushing your teeth or combing your hair. It's just something you do on a daily basis.

Don't let yourself become overwhelmed by the pressure. Just brush your teeth, comb your hair, get dressed and write 200 words, every, single, day!

So... which writing task will help you?

The question is - which of the above methods will help you in your writing career right now?

Write me back now - just hit comments to this blog post - and tell me which of the three you would like to pursue over the next 3 months, and why.

If you don't want to do this online in front of the world, then email me privately using the little envelope on this blog or reply if you receive updates by email and I will help you stay focused on your writing goals.

In the meantime, keep writing and keep having fun!


Writing - Using Your Imagination...

Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within (Shambhala Library)
The imagination is a wonderful thing.

Because we all have an imagination it is assumed there is no reason for discussing it. Everyone has one so everyone should know how to use it.

But, like a television, everyone may have one and watch it but not everyone knows how it works (or cares to find out).

And, that's why not everyone uses their imagination to its potential. If you want to be a writer your imagination is an essential tool in your writing kit.

If you are one of those people who say, I can't possibly make stuff up, or that was an amazing movie -How did they do that thing with the (insert your own picture words here), or I don't know how to imagine the future and what the world will look like in five, ten or fifteen years time, then learning to use your imagination will blow your mind!

Let's get into it then. How do we use our imagination?

Firstly, we have to understand – What is imagination?

Imagination is the ability to use your mind to make believe something that isn’t real and see it in your minds eye. Imagination can take you to places where you have never ever been before. Like when you dream and you end up somewhere that doesn't exist or at least you don't believe it exists. Sadly, those people who do not remember their dreams find using their imaginations so much harder. If you can remember your dreams then keep a journal of them and this will help you with exercising your imagination.

If you are one of those people who say you never dream. This is actually not true. Everyone dreams but not everyone remembers their dreams. Those who don't dream are usually insane. (Er, you might want to check that one out - that's probably another one from Mother ;)). You have to make a conscious effort to remember your dreams and by doing this you make remembering your dream important enough and should start to wake up and remember what you were dreaming about.

Exercising the imagination is harder than you might think and definitely harder than going to the gym, initially. Once you practice using your imagination it gets easier and then the hard part will be trying to stop your imagination from running away with you, literally.

Now for a series of questions.

How do we develop more imaginative thinking?

What is imagination? How can it be used in your writing?

What does the imagination do? When should we use imagination?

All these questions and more can be answered simply by typing in the words:

          imagination exercises

into your search engine.

I used Google and found these very interesting exercises and explanations to the questions posed above...

Imagination and Fantasy

Exercises in imagining

Develop your imagination by using it

The really great thing about using your imagination is that it also helps you to remember things too. Improving your memory is another one of those crucial abilities that help you in your writing.

I hope you have enjoyed this post but be warned once you start playing around with your imagination all sorts of strange and wonderful things will start to happen in your writing life and possibly in your real life too.


An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination: A Memoir (Roughcut)

           yesterday I was walking away from the shopping centre and as I looked behind me. All the shops began re-assembling themselves into old black and white buildings from a John Wayne movie. I took a second glance and yes, they were indeed shaping and reforming into these incredible buildings. I wondered if I was going crazy so I ran away from the shops. As I ran, the concrete path in front of me turned to slate and cracks appeared in the pavement and opened an inch wide. From the gap oozed out purple lava like gum. No matter what I did there was no way out. It seemed the more I panicked the more strange things happened...

                                            You get the picture?

Disclaimer: Everthing on this subject came from my imagination. You can sue me for anything said here and those comments about being insane but I have no money so good luck with that...