No Such Thing As Writer's Block - You're Just Lazy - A Theory...


There’s no such thing as writer’s block. In reality it’s laziness.

Some people say it’s procrastination but the truth about that word procrastination is, it’s an intelligent-sounding word to describe writer's block when in fact it's simply the writer being lazy.

The Oxford Dictionary says procrastination is a verb; a verb is a “doing word” or so my sixth grade teacher told me. As a verb procrastination is to delay or postpone action. If we are procrastinating at least we are "doing something".

As a noun it's procrastination and if YOU do it as a writer, it’s still a noun and you’re a procrastinator.

I prefer to say, you’re lazy.

You’re just plain lazy.

And, if and when I get, The Block, like the common cold, I call it, being lazy. There are lots of other words and parts of sentences that describe, the block, too. Words like unmotivated, lacking inspiration, stuck, can’t seem to find the right words, apathetic, inert, etc, but basically it all amounts to laziness.

But, because we try to be nice little critters and not say things that hurt and offend we say, “It’s a case of Writer’s Block. He/she hasn’t been able to write a thing for six months”.

Sweet, aren’t we?

Truth is the person’s dog-gone lazy. They choose to do other things as a way of puting it off, as in the origin of the word in the Latin procrastinare ‘defer till the morning’.

I’m worn out now so I think I’ll take the Latin option. Until then...

Keep yourself motivated!
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