Continuous interruptions or writers interuptous akin to coitus interuptous...

On Writing.

As a writer it’s a bet that all too often you’ve experienced writers interuptous (WI) by members of your family or that damned phone. You find you have a few quiet moments, the writing bug hits hard and you settle down in a cosy little spot to get down to it and... Purrrinnng! The darn phone rings or your partner wants something, or asks,



“Hello, I thought I was writing?!!...”

So, you see writers interuptous is similar to coitus interuptious but of course you didn’t decide to withdraw from your writing, someone else decided that for you. Ha! Ha! guys I bet you can say that too! er Ahem...

"WI" has been going on for as long as “CI”.

The effect is you loose your train of thought and often those ideas are lost forever.

How are you ever going to get that moment back? Well, you don’t.

How do you teach others around you that writing is actually doing something?

How do you educate them to believe writing is worthy?

The cases of “WI” are greater and more frequent than you may be aware. So many potentially good writers never get their work out there because of it.

But then, like so many in life, if every idea was populated the world would be a crowded place.

Coitus Melodus [Explicit]What do you think?

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