WRITERS, if only we were perfect...


Writers struggle with words every, single, day...

Finding, getting, eliciting and crunching over the best word to fit what it is we want to say and then editing, reviewing, revising and deleting to make it sound just right.

But, what is it that makes a piece of writing truly incredible?

There are many answers to this question and every answer involves another question and every answer has an equally good argument. Eventually, we writers have to decide what’s perfect for us?

Let’s focus on one thing. Think about starting sentences.

A really compelling strong opening sentence can usually be found somewhere in the middle of a story. Well, isn’t that a funny spot for an opening sentence? But, as beginning writers that’s where we often find our “hook”.

As a reasonably, newbie writer, here’s my version of what this means.

We start writing, the greatest novel ever written, ha! ha! Haven't we all said that one. AND, finally around chapter six we’ve warmed-up and the novel starts to get going. Discovery! The best darn part of the novel happens at page 156. You believe that? Page 156! What if page 156 with a few magical clicks, cut-paste, became page 1, our opening sentence?

Could this possibly be our hook?

Should this be the place to start our novel? Possibly could be onto something here.

A lot of readers like to read books that interest them – duh – that’s like obvious? So? Give‘em readers what they want!

Apparently writing is not the place to practice delayed gratification (or so I’ve read; still not sure I agree) but I’m pretty sure delayed gratification could be used in some wicked way in writing somewhere. Readers want action or something “stand-out” they can relate to in the first sentence. Something that's going to keep them reading.

Personally, I’m one of those readers that get a buzz from the provocation of a compelling "gotta know" to keep me reading. If you can get me asking questions I’ll keep reading. If there’s nothing happening in the first few sentences, chances are, I’ll be dropping the book back on the shelf and searching for the next best thing. Sad, but true; possibly stems from my undiagnosed attention deficit disorder.

Anyway, after that bit of thought provocation – What do you think?

Is there anything that you struggle with that you think others might struggle with too?