Do you struggle with Voice like I do?

Apparently, voice, is something to do with the way our writing comes across to others, how it sounds. I have no idea how I sound to others and this is frustrating. I’ve tried asking people to let me know but they say nice, polite things like you sound funny, which I guess is part how I sound but it doesn’t help me find my voice and understand what voice is...

Do you have trouble with finding your voice?

Do you understand what is meant by voice?

Sometimes I wonder whether I really understand the concept of voice at all.  I have read about it and I’ve tried to read others to seek out their voice, but I just can’t seem to make sense of what it is? I know when I like someones words and when I don't, and I know this is caused by the way they write, their voice.

I guess I need to read some more.

Do you have a simple way of explaining voice because if you do I’d like you to post a reply and let me know what you think it is.

Here’s something I found that may help anyone who has as much trouble with the concept of, voice, as I do...

"The good writer develops his own voice, her own voice. You just can't do that if you don't listen to yourself. And the best way to listen to yourself is to read to yourself -- out loud.

Listen for the cadence -- or the discordance. Listen for the beat -- and the offbeat. Listen for the rhyme and the reason.

Sometimes, you'll hear the jarring word, the awkward phrase -- the word that looked just fine but sounded junky, the phrase that typed nice but sounded clunky. So, talk."
~ Michael Gartner ~

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