Daily Writing with a weekly prompt...

Daily Writing with a weekly prompt...

Here, we like fishing.

Well... no, some of us like fishing, the majority like writing and that’s why we frequent this blog.

One day at band camp, just kidding it was actually at my local writing group. A new member said he’d like to be able to get back into writing. Many of us put writing aside as a time-consuming thing that we’ll do one day. The trouble is we never get around-to-it ~ YOU have now officially received a round Tuit and because you now have one of your very own you can commit a bit of time to writing–


Ahem! WE are about to do something about writing... Notice that sentence said, WE, not me or you, YES, WE, that means you and me together.

Now, you may think that a round tuit won’t help much and that’s okay my economics background or maybe it was Google tells me that, a round Tuit is a unit of potential work. Yeah, it didn’t help me very much at the time when I first got a-round-Tuit either.

Instead, we will have a weekly writing Prompt and a promise that each of us will commit at least one day per week but preferably five days per week to writing (because we still need to have some head space).

To start off the first Prompt is a nice easy one.

Begin a short story (more than 100 words and not more than 999) with,

I remember...’

It can be fiction, non-fiction, horror, romance, fantasy (you decide)...

Post it back here or keep it a secret forever, burn it, trash it, get the fish to eat it, post it on your own blog or get it published. The choice is yours.

BUT, more importantly, set aside ten minutes (10 whole minutes) every day for the next month to write (you can write about anything ~ surely you can commit to 50 minutes per week?)

Do you realise if you wrote just 100 words per day for five days a week for 50 weeks (that gives you two weeks break) you would have enough words to have written 25,000 words and that’s a Novella. That could be a publishable story!

So get to it! I've had a go at it here. In case you’ve forgotten the Prompt start by writing,

I remember...'

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