Writing Prompt ~ I Remember...'


Writing Prompt - I remember

I remember the days at the old school yard. Actually, I remember that song whenever those words are spoken by anyone.

In fact on a day to day basis I remember a lot of things which somehow link to songs or verses or phrases. Like, if I think about that song it leads to thinking about kids I met at school then teachers and what I did and how I got into trouble and how I used to annoy the teachers and before long there's a whole series of memories good, bad, sad, happy, indifferent.

Then I might head off to Facebook or Twitter to see if I can find some of those kids. Course their not kids anymore. They're all grown up. And that makes me think about that old question you used to get asked a lot as a kid.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

I never wanted to be anything but I wanted to do lots of things, and I guess that's pretty much what I've done. I've worked in a lot of different jobs. I haven't travelled much but I've met a lot of interesting people and had heaps of fun.

My motto for work was always when it gets boring or stops being fun it's time to leave. A bit like that gamblers anonymous advertisement, when if it stops being fun, except they say (they is society) that you shouldn't leave a good job for that reason - never stopped me.

Well, there goes my first writing prompt.

How'd you go with yours?

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