Daily Writing With A Weekly Prompt #8

Phew, what a week.
How's you're writing progressing along?

Did you know I wrote a stack of stuff this week but not one word on my novel? How frustrating. 
My cat, Silky Smoochy, has plenty of advice on passing time. She never let's a days writing get in the way of her fun. Isn't it so often said that you learn everything in life from your cat?
Life is way too short. If only I could go back to my younger self and warn her of the traps of "taking it easy", too easy, that is.

If I did go back there'd be no mobile phones, no color television and no internet! God forbid. How did we ever survive without the internet? Please don't take me back!

So, by now you're asking, where the heck is she going with all this?

You guessed it ~ to this weeks prompt ~ a sense of TIME.

Well then off you go, write 200 words or more using the sense of TIME.

If you are stuck for a starting point ~ here are a few prompters:

The year was...

Computers had...

Jack chiseled the stone...

It was only...

Good Luck! 

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Note: It is a good thing to give a sense of time without stating the obvious, like it was the year 1999. This sounds boring and written often enough begins to look like a list. Time can be expressed in so many other ways. Have a think about time other than in the forms of o'clock, minutes, days, months, years etc. For instance if I said to you, "Anne Frank wrote in her diary" you would know that it was around the time of the holocaust and she wrote during her days at the concentration camp in Belsen. Now skip to the loo, get to it!

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