How Do You Find Time To Write?


Finding time to write is probably the biggest bugbear of a writer (or would-be writer). Especially if you have many interests. It means you may have to force yourself to find time to write.

If your writing competes against many other interests (as it does with me) it can be particularly difficult. Take a look at how sporadic this blog is! I don't pressure myself over this, although, IF, I am speaking truthfully, I do suffer a tad bit of guilt when I choose to avoid the blog post. But, this decision is a conscious one - I choose not to post and this is my choice for better or worse - suffer the consequences. 

The better answer to explaining how we should find time to write is simply: make it important, schedule time for writing and prioritize. It's all about good time management.

Life is such an exciting experience that finding time to write means finding time to sit and ponder your thoughts as opposed to getting out amongst it.

For me in particular it's hard to find time to write because I believe that one of the most important things about being able to write is to get your experience of life across to your reader and this means getting out and experiencing things so you have something say. This also becomes an excuse to avoid writing to the detriment of improving skills and progressing in the craft. 

The most obvious answer to finding time to write is to schedule it with a priority, as we do for other things.

But, having said that, another question pops up...

Time to Write: Discovering the Writer Within After 50When do you stop being so active in life and start to write?

Being preoccupied with the many different things we can do means finding time to write seems almost impossible. It takes time to write and a few thoughts and words can chew into hours! As I've said before, anything you want to do well like tennis, golf or bowling takes time and dedicated hours of practice and so it goes with writing.

To help you decide how much time you should spend writing you should decide where your writing fits in your life.

Do you write for yourself as a hobby? Perhaps you keep a journal.
Journal writing is meant to be private although with the growth of technology it seems nothing is personal anymore.

If you decide you want to write for others then you will need to dedicate a lot more time to your art. You may have to distance yourself from what you write and practice critical and objective thinking. You will need to pull your writing apart and question every word you write. 

Writing for others is about making a human connection. The reader wants to hear words from your soul and receive a bit of that magic you feel when you write. It must be engaging and feel as though you're entering another world. The one the writer alone can create.

When writing is done successfully it allows the reader to experience an intimacy that can only be shared by the reader with his writer.

Time to Write: Professional writers reveal how to fit writing into your busy lifeLet's write!

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