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Today, consider what's important to you as a writer.

For Zak, it's about space and decreasing distractions. About having the resources needed at hand, being able to write when he wants and how he chooses.

It struck, Zak, today that his writing resources like his books on writing, dictionaries, favorite quotes and various other bits and pieces collected over the years are all over the place. There is no particular order or set area for the things he loves to use.

How many times have you looked at a good book on writing, only to put it somewhere and later seek it out discovering you've forgotten where you put it? [Or, is that just Zak?]

You might have a thousand books but only a favorite few you use regularly.

Most cooks have a spot for their cookery books, while all other books are found all around the house. Some people have bookshelves randomly scattered with fiction, non-fiction, "how to" books, glossy covered books and often there is no rhyme or reason to their assortment.

Today, Zak's, decided to create a space for his favorite writing utensils!

It will take some time to sort out all the crap accumulated over the years - perhaps he may even have to throw some junk out - heaven forbid.

There's a Grammar CD, Stephen King's; On Writing, Kathi Wyldeck's; Everday Spelling and Grammar and his favorite; Eats, Shoots and Leaves which he put somewhere. Now, where is that book? Did he lend it to someone?

Zak's gone to find that book. He'll be back...
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