Daily Writing With A Weekly Prompt #10

This weeks prompt we have another break from the senses.
I believe there may only be one or two left to explore, can you think what they might be?

In the meantime, here's something different to try.

Think of a noun (a noun is a name of something) then think of a verb (a verb is a doing word) and then think of one random word and finally a word to do with an occupation.

Now, put those words together and create a story around them.

Here's my words:

Noun:                                         Pig
Verb:                                          run
Random word:                           food
Word related to an occupation: saucepan.

Now, let's go write...

Let's see who is first to post a story!

Zak :))

Daily Writing With A Weekly Prompt #9...

How have you been this week?

Do you still want to be a writer?

Remember when we first started writing daily, how we all wanted to be writers and increase our word count?

Well, I had one of the senses all saved up until the end but since it’s been raining here all day and there are only so many cups of tea one can consume without seriously affecting word count. I thought I’d better do something a bit more interesting to help keep my butt glued to seat.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s not physical, so it cannot be seen. It’s not real so you cannot do anything with it but the feeling it gives you is very real. Do you feel someone staring at you from behind you as you read these words? Do you feel someone there? Look behind you.

Was there anyone?

Ha! Ha! Made you look!

Seriously, I hope I didn’t scare you just now but that was supposed to be a BIG hint...

Yeah, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, you got it. Right? I knew you would. It’s the sense of the, unknown.

What I particularly like about the unknown is its intimidating factor. You watch a terrifying movie and it's not what’s showing on the screen that scares you, it’s more the stuff they haven’t shown you that totally creeps you out.

And that, my friend, is the sense of the unknown.

How does the sense of the unknown work for writers?

Well, it's powerful because fear and doubt play a huge part in using the unknown and lets readers experience writing in a way that surprises and threatens.

I’ve found, the unknown, to be a completely entertaining form of writing. You write something with one thing in mind and that’s to baffle the reader with innuendos and double meanings whilst adding an eerie, somewhat sinister and frightening aspect to it. They want to know what happens and they want to keep reading but at the same time their afraid until finally they are committed to seeing the thing out – even though they know the ending will scare the pants off them.

Let it be said that this prompt involves the sense of the UNKNOWN.

Write 200 words or more using the sense of the UNKNOWN.

If you are stuck for a starting point -

Here are a few prompters:

It was...

It almost...

I was only...

Something crawled...

If only she...

Good Luck!

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