3 Things To Do Right Now To Make Yourself A More Consistent Writer

Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within (Shambhala Library).
1. Write every day.   

This is the obvious one. Do a search anywhere on the net and the top listed advice is “write every day”. 

Writing 50 to 200 words every day may seem like a small thing to do but believe me, try it and you’ll see what a chore it can become. If you battle through the first 21 days of writing at least 50 words every day you will see that writing, like brushing your teeth, can become a healthy habit. Even if it’s musings about nothing much at all; how you woke, what you dreamt about, how your day went, who you met, what you learnt or any other event or non-event. Write it! 

Creating the writing habit is the first, middle and last thing a writer should do. Train yourself to write every day and pretty soon you’ll find yourself yearning to write like an addiction, and that is what every writer does ~ Write On!

2. Challenge the Rules. Writing, like many endeavors has rules, and we must learn them to become good writers. Once you have learned the rules you need to learn how to successfully break them to become a truly great writer. The key to learning the rules is to read widely many genres and push yourself to read something you wouldn’t normally choose. Collect and read many books on the art of writing and constantly do your daily drills (50 to 200 words per day). 

3. Stay Focused ~ Work Through the Hard Days. This is my personal demon as this blog proves. Even when you don’t feel like writing you need to do your daily drill. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day from time to time but don’t allow yourself to make too many excuses. If you want to be a successful writer you need to push through the “give up” barrier and stay focused on the end goal. 

Speaking of goals, what are your writing goals? 

Go on, write 50 to 100 words on what you would like to achieve with your writing. Post it here or keep it to yourself, but do it now!

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