NaNoWriMo ~ Day Eight, Australia 2,362 Words ~ Sally's Book Launch!

Day eight, chapter eight, I'm late...
Yep, poetry is not my thing.
Today I hit 14,888 words in total with today being a record 2,362 words.

If I Should Die
I want this!
That is not to say those words were of any substance. In fact, I can assure you they were not.
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I want this too!!!
I've got Sally Franklin Christie's book launch,If I Should Die, on my mind today. I always love it when a fellow writer gets published and for SALLY, it's her DAY!
I've never read any of Sally's stuff apart from her blog so I can't say if it will be a good read or not. Check it out for yourself. I will be buying my copy on Kindle PC.
Until tommorow...
Nano on!
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