NaNoWriMo ~ Day Five ~ 1802 words... Getting Harder Now.

Day Five started with a burst to 1,124 words then pushed to make to 1,802 words.

To think that yesterday I said I couldn't wait for today. What was I thinking? 

This is getting tough.
They always say therapy gets tough after the first session. Maybe that's what's happening here. 

I started today's blank page after reading a bit from yesterdays and I'd cut and pasted a small paragraph I took from the net as today's INSPIRATION. Luckily it was still there waiting for me.
Foster's Home Imaginary FriendsA character evolved yesterday and his name is Jack. Lucky Jack, came along really 'cause boredom could've taken over and it's pretty lonely there on the page, the writer and the sword slashing it out through the white stuff.
Jack's a bit of a time traveler and pretty darn cute too. Towards the end of today's Nano chapter we were discussing a possible companion for Jack who may appear sometime in the next Nano chapter. I'm a bit reluctant to bring a female along yet (notice, I say yet) and I told Jack this, and explained my reasoning. 
We got into a heated discussion about how James Patterson's, The Lifeguard, introduced two female characters within the first couple of chapters and how annoying I found this and well, let's just say I'm the writer and I ended the conversation but not before I got a few choice words from Jack, which lucky; added to my Nano count for this year. 
Throughout our little heated discussion, I asked, Jack, to consider a male friend instead (this of course means better perve value for me, the writer) and he was a bit insulted by this suggestion. He thought I meant to make him, you know, one of them. I told him I have a lot of really good male friends that like male company. He frowned.
It was about then we ran out of things to say and I added my word count to my Excel Spreadsheet and we called it quits for today. 
Have no idea what tommorow will bring. And that's how I like it.
See you tommorow!
PS: It's not too late to get your own copy of the Excel Spreadsheet and the Nano prompter chapters from Zak. Write me! Hey, it can get lonely here in Nano land.
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