NaNoWriMo ~ Day Seven, Australia 1,859 Words To Report... frustrating like sex

I ended my previous NaNoWriMo, Chapter Six, with:

"And yet I feel like it’s just about to come. Frustrating, like interrupted sex".
And sadly today, still no major novel idea, not even a short story. No original thought. At least that's what Jack (my imaginary character) and I talked about today.

Although, today we didn't argue the point, which was good. 

We discussed how writers should simply, make stuff up, and therefore not only come up with great ideas but also avoid the whole problem of being accused of plagiarism. We thrashed out J. K. Rowling's upcoming Court Case for "allegedly" plagiarizing, The Adventures of Willy the Wizard. (how original is that title? And, the guy who wrote it is now dead so who is going to profit?). Yes, I admit I'm a biased Harry Potter fan but I don't keep a pet grey owl so get off my case.
Harry Potter Hedwig The OwlWe talked about building a fantasy world and we invented two terms (words). Rather, I invented them, Jack, simply put his two-bobs worth in, only to find out on Google that those words already existed. Although they were not listed in the Oxford English Dictionary which is my personal bible of all words worthy of being used in the real world (fantasy is not the real world, in case you forgot). 

The first word was jext, a Java software label and the other was pext, which is apparently when you text or are texting off the back of a moped. Really useful words hey? So deleted as possible fantasy world words. Been done before, grrrh.

We went on (Jack and I) for the 1,859 words creeping up our Nano total to 12,526 of which probably one word may be retained in a final version of a short story. 

Such is Nano. Bring on Day eight!


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