NaNoWriMo ~ Day Three ~ 1945 words... like constipation

Oh my, I had a doozey of a morning with Nano this morning. I struggled to squeeze every last word out and it was painful. If that sounds somewhat like constipation then yes, that's mostly what it felt like too.

And towards the end I discovered a few pearls here and there. I also discovered a hidden desire to swear and curse. I actually had fun with that. I was talking about old age and how it sucks and then I went into detail about how it sucks.

Nano is fun and already I'm learning from the experience.

I doubt there will be anything worth publishing at the end of this but I wont be too presumptuous because you never know what you don't know until you find it and I've often surprised myself and others when I really let go and have a fair dinkum try at something.

On to tommorow!

That's day three over with...

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