NaNoWriMo ~ Day Twenty Four, Australia ~ Yay for Reaching the 50k While on Fluid Tablets!

Today, I’m going to admit to, and even give you an insight into the sort of rubbish that gets written during NaNoWriMo. At least, from this writer’s experience. Other Wrimoists’ probably have equally distressing tales to tell but this is mine.

While scanning various blogs and emails this morning, as is my routine from roughly 5 to 6am every morning, I noticed these few words:

On fluid tablets

You must understand that I was still in la-la-land at this stage and I immediately jumped to the conclusion the words said something like… “Attempting NaNoWriMo while being on fluid tablets”.

Once upon a time those three words, on fluid tablets, would have escaped my attention but because I’m attempting Nano and my Dad has Alzheimer’s and both he and my mother-in-law are on these tablets I noticed the words like an infrared homing device.

Now, anyone who has ailing elderly relatives will know that fluid tablets are used to reduce excess fluid which ultimately, if not taken, causes all sorts of health problems. For my, mother-in-law, they keep her alive by keeping fluid off her lungs after nine heart attacks. For my Dad they help stop build-up and ultimately death, I guess. I’m really not sure exactly what they do for him but I know he needs them and without them he’d be a very sick man.

Now, the note that was posted by a fellow, NaNoWriMo Freaker, put this vision in my head of a woman sitting at her keyboard legs tightly squeezed together while typing furiously to get the 1,667 word count for today’s quota and gave me the feeling that I needed to go too, even though I didn’t!

Alas, have you ever tried to hang on while on fluid tablets?

I imagine it wouldn’t be a very comfortable experience.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting thought and as I’m at day twenty four the insanity streak is settling in nicely and pretty soon I reckon I might even write something of substance which until now has pretty much eluded me.

You know. The really ironic thing about scanning emails and blogs when you’re only half awake and generally scanning on the internet as a rule, has become such a common thing that half the time we only think we saw what we saw, because when I went back to check on what it was that made me leap to this, fluid tablet conclusion, was actually the wording,

“Yay for reaching the 50k while on cold and flu tablets

As is the instinct these days for us techno-addicted-nuff-nuffs to grasp at what we thought we saw and leap to our own conclusions.

Excuse me. I have to go...

How’s your personal NaNoWriMo experience?

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