NaNoWriMo ~ Day Twenty Seven!~ 1,697 Words and WOW!



Today I wrote 1,697 words and had a wonderful time. The first one thousand words flowed like Stream-of-consciousness and the next six hundred were no more difficult.

I spoke about fear and how it affects our lives and I came up with a quote, 

Do as much as you can with as much as you have” 

then I Google'd it to see if it was original and of course it wasn't. As the Bible states there is nothing new under the sun (or something similar to that).

But not letting that take away from what I gained in today's drill. I had a great time and writing was fun. Now this is why I like to write and this is the way it should be.

Three days to go and the process is teaching me so much.

Until tommorow...

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