Friday Freewrite ~ Screw With Your Mind...

As you probably gathered by now, at this blog we like to extend your writing abilities. Stretch, test and twistily-insanely-turn-pull your brain around sharp corners until finally something new bursts out.

So, for Friday Free Write, we shall try to get those brain cells popping and finally exploding until Pftuumpt! Something new comes bursting out...

Here's the deal:

Below is a picture. Don't look just yet.
Check it out, grab your first thought.
Don't analyze.
Now free write something inspired by the picture.
The rules  [There are always rules with these exercises]
1. Don't think, WRITE!
2. NO Editing! Do not even rewrite or correct typos.
3. The writing doesn't actually have to have anything to do
    with the picture below. Write where you're mind took you.
    It might be totally unrelated.
4. Write for 10 minutes without stopping. (Set a TIMER)
5. Post your random thoughts in the comments section below.

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Extra: For those of you who live in the Albury-Wodonga area, please feel free to come along to:  Write Friends, 10am at the LM Albury. Meeting goes from 10am to 12 noon bring along your freewrite or something else to read out and join in the critique session. 

See you there!


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