Late Friday Lazy Saturday Freewrite ~ Screw With Your Mind...

Just to really screw with your mind this Friday Freewrite, your receiving this post on a lazy Saturday instead. 

Now if you live on the other side of the world these blog posts have been arriving a day early and you're wondering why the heck I'd send a Friday Freewrite on a Saturday which to you is a Friday night. You've always received your tidbits a day early... heh heh, and you thought it was because this blog is so organized Hah! Not so.

So, for Friday Free Write this lazy Saturday, we shall try to get those brain cells buzzing and find something new...

Here's the thing:

Below is a picture. Don't look just yet.
Check it out, grab your first thought.
Don't analyze.
Now free write something inspired by the picture.
The rules  [Yes, there are always rules]
1. Don't think, WRITE!
2. NO Editing! Do not even rewrite or correct typos.
3. The writing doesn't actually have to have anything to do
    with the picture below. Write where you're mind took you (or takes you).
    It might be totally unrelated.
4. Write for 10 minutes without stopping. (Set a TIMER)
5. Post your random thoughts in the comments section below.
I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!
Here's the pic...

Zak!  See you in your imagination...
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