Try Hard or Have the Ink Dry Up, Thursdays...

Thursday is now, a Try Hard or Have the Ink Dry Up, day here at Zakgirl on Writing. 

With that said, this could go on for weeks, days or months but I doubt it. As you may have noticed I'm generally trying to post more frequently to help keep all us lazy writers motivated. 

Hang on, I'm a lazy writer, you may not be, but if you struggle from day to day wanting to get those thoughts down but never finding enough time to do so then basically it's not lack of ideas or not knowing how to go about it, it's simply laziness. 

Feel free to argue about this. 

So today's, Thursday Try Hard, is:

Try and make a story from this:

Character One:  What did your husband say to you that evening?
Character Two:   He said, 'Where's the salt, Jody?'
Character One:  And why does this upset you?
Character Two:  My name is Michelle.

It doesn't matter if you use the above lines or write something from scratch. Preferably write something from scratch. Take what comes to your mind from this little skit and make up whatever you wish.  Set a timer for ten minutes and just write. Don't worry about it. Don't think about it. Just write. No editing!

After you're done with it. Neaten it up, reword or mess around with structure. Feel free to post your short story in the comments section below or simply submit your work for publication elsewhere. Don't be stressed if you don't feel it's good enough to submit. Just learn to write and enjoy the process.

We are all here to learn and share so enjoy.

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