Wickedly Random Wednesdays ~ WHAT? Your House?

Hi, my ever faithful blog post reader. 

I'll be over your place in ten minutes. I want you to grab three things that you can't possibly live without because I'll be taking you away for a very long time...

What did you think?

Today's WHAT is:

How do you think? 

What thoughts cross your mind?

When confronted with the message in today's WHAT? moment: What was your reaction?  What it positive, negative, questioning or something else?

Now think about that for a moment...

Then do the old write, write, write for ten minutes. Grab your first reactions and build a story upon them. Write what you feel. Feel free to post it on the comments here and share.

Because it's fun and it will help you become a better writer

This was, Zak, bringing you another wickedly random Wednesday WHAT?

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