Wickedly Random Wednesdays ~ WHAT?

Today's WHAT is:

"I see a picture. 
I make up my mind. 
I know what it is. 
I use my imagination and the picture gets bolder, more twisted, more wicked. 
I gather more information and a thought from another. 
I see the reality of my imagination and a story is released from within me..."

Now you try...

Take a look at this link:  BATH TOWEL ILLUSION, without reading the website (which is very hard to resist, I know), write what comes to mind until the suspense of not knowing what the illusion is caused by drives you back to the website. This may take only seconds, hopefully minutes or longer if you are self-disciplined (and really want this exercise to work). 

Going back to the website gather more information and from this knowledge write differently. Go back to writing again for as long as you can muster new thoughts.
Finally allow yourself to wander all over the website until you are happy that you know and understand the illusion. 
Lovers & Dolphins - Art Poster (By Sandro Del-Prete) (Size: 24" x 36") 
Now write what you feel.
Because it's fun. Become a writer today and enjoy the moments...
Zak, bringing you another wickedly random Wednesday WHAT?

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