Writer ~ Fights Seismic Mutation of a Jamaican Sprinter Crossed with Cheetah...

While writing this blog I often spend more time researching, and what I call - concept trailing, than actually posting. 

The reason for this is I'm so focused on creating content that could somehow (hopefully) benefit, or at least give some intrinsic value to other writers. In the end I'm paralyzed into inaction or inertia. Or, often, completely sidetracked.

The Writer's Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your ImaginationThis blogs purpose I’d hope would be a tool mostly to teach myself, and by default, others as much as possible, in a simple way, about writing. Hopefully in the process we all become better writers.

Some days it’s a hard slog and other days the words flow. 
Lately I must admit it’s been a hard slog because the pace of life outside my writing world has been somewhat akin to a seismic mutation of a Jamaican sprinter and a Cheetah.

Do other writers sometimes feel this way?

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