Here's a late Friday early Saturday Freewrite...

Bean studying Accounting lately, and it tends to mess with your creative side ~ BIG time.

Just so others don't stumble across this same delusional state (hear me all you, Young Ones, and be afraid) as I did when I decided a couple of years back to enrol in accounting - Here it is Friday Freewrite on Saturday.

The aim of Friday Freewrite is to extend your writing abilities or simply get you WRITING.

Here's what you do: 

Above is a picture of an Accountant at work, okay, it's a dog.

When you first looked at the picture above, what came to mind? Grab that first thought. Don't analyze.

Now free write something inspired by the picture.

The rules (same as before)
1. Don't think, WRITE!
2. NO Editing! Do not even rewrite or correct typos.
3. The writing doesn't actually have to have anything to do with the picture. Write where you're mind
     takes you. It might be totally unrelated, that's a good thing.
4. Write for 10 minutes without stopping. (Set a TIMER) that is, at least ten minutes longer if you can.
5. Post your random thoughts in the comments section below.

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! Or, anything really...

Now, go have yourself a great day! Don't step on any Bean Counters er sorry, Dogs.

Oh, just a parting thought.

What do Accoutants use for birth control?
Yep, you guessed it. Their personality!

For years, Accountants have been charging high fees for things clients don't t understand, can't use and don't need. I hope, one day, to be that person who helps businesses get the information they need to increase profits and grow their businesses while maintaining the fun in their life. Heck, if this plan doesn't work, I'll stick to writing fantasy. Either way, it's the same thing!
Zak ~ the-accountant-hopeful-fantasy-writer...
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