She's Just Not There Yet...

By Natalie Goldberg: Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer WithinI belong to a couple, actually, several writing groups. One thing I've noticed over my time attending, participating and running a couple of these groups is there's always a participant who writes about one thing. No matter what the topic or task set in the group she will always mold her writing around to fit that subject.  

 Others in the group make comments afterwards like,

          "Why does she always have to write about that?" or 

          "Why does she always turn the story around to herself?"

I've been pondering this, and I reckon I might know the answer, or at least have a theory on it. 

I think she does it because she "isn't done with it yet". She's not finished or she's not over it, or she hasn't healed yet. 

I'd say, forgive her. Be patient with her. 

She may one day write about other things. For now she's dealing with her life and her writing in the best way she knows how. And while she's doing this she's doing writing practice and that's a good thing.

One day she might surprise us with something completely different but then again she may be happy to continue on with this thread until her dying days. 

Either way it's all practice, and as they say, (whoever they are) "practice makes perfect".

Zak~the writer and theorist

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