Steve Jobs Leaves Cyber Land and Earth... February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011

I'm not sure how I feel about, Steve Jobs leaving us for another reality.

I guess that's shock. 

Of course I feel sad for our loss and that of his family, friends and colleagues but what next?

Everything else in the world is still happening, changing, evolving as it was only yesterday when Michael Jackson died or Steve Irwin or John Denver or Kurt Vonnegut or *insert any name of a dead person that comes to your mind.* 

As writers, this gives us emotions to write with and things to discuss or create. Somehow it just doesn't feel right to be writing today, and that's just how it is for writers sometimes.

Steve, you were (and still are) an inspiration. 
Today was the last day of your life. 
Were you doing what you wanted to be doing in life?" 
I believe you were. 

Good journey, Steve. 

Bye for now... 

"In an abundant society where people have laptops, cellphones, iPods and minds like empty rooms, I still plod along with books.'
Harper Lee

'I can't start writing until I have a closing line.'
Joseph Heller

Wickedly Random Wednesdays ~ Writing Prompt ~

This random prompt we make stuff up...

Think of a noun (yep, a noun is a name of something) then think of a verb (a verb is a doing word) and then think of one random word and finally a word to do with an occupation.

Now, put those words together and create a story around them.

Here's my words:

Noun:                                            Horse
Verb:                                             gallop
Random word:                              apple
Word/s related to an occupation:  safety boots

Now, let's go write...

Let's see who is first to post a story!

Zak :)

How Do You Read?


When I choose a book I always intend finishing it. 

I used to avoid reading books because I couldn't stomach the idea of not finishing, so I wouldn't start. These days I have an insatiable appetite for reading and chew up every last word.

I have a confession though. 

I prefer to take the easy route by listening to audio downloaded rather than read text. It turns out to be a great use of my time. All those driving hours provide a valuable use of my time. Because I'm constantly studying I often buy audio books that relate to what I'm learning and this makes the volume of reading less taxing on my poor ol' eyes.

What do you read and what format do you read it on?

Do you like to start a book and finish it, or can you just decide this books not for me and put it away never to be looked at again?

Do you like to read more than one book at a time?

Is not finishing a book a mortal sin?

Do you read hard cover, soft cover, audio or something else?