Day Fifteen ~ NanoWriMo ~ It doesn't get any easier ...

Because today is another struggle day with NanoWriMo, I figured I'd just stop fighting it and let the crap flow...

So this is today's effort, unedited, un-everything. This is what Nano is really all about I guess.

Suddenly a plot bunny appeared riding a meteor labeled IU7. Wow, I haven’t seen anything like this before in my life so it's hard to explain it to you. It's like nothing on earth for starters and that must be because it comes from outer space or some such other place. Such a big one! Wow! 

Since the time… since I can’t remember. Since it was once upon a while ago when I used to have words in my head and scenes and pictures and I could write anything and it felt amazing to be writing for Nano and realizing that you don't have a worthwhile piece of anything to offer up to anyone. Grr said the grizzly bear, only there isn't any grizzlies in this story. What now?

What now, what happened was education happened and now all the writerly words that I once knew have been manufactured into accounting gobble-dee-goop. Aha! So it is learning accounting that ruins your writing abilities. Go warn all the students considering taking up accounting that it is not only bad for your soul and your wallet but it is also truly evil because it takes away your ability to write anything fantasy-related every again. 

Now, what good would a world without fantasy be?

I do worry so about everything and I do write everything I think when doing Nano and it can be darn embarassing at times like today when I have no worthwhile words to put forward, merely gobble-de-goop word count.

How does this look? 

How will people take it and why should this make me worry anyway? 

Okay, those lines make no sense whatsoever. Yes, I remind myself this is Nano and it's okay just write, write, write! Right?

Why does it seem so hard these days and why is my computer so slow and why do I not have a burning desire position a man with a gun walking through the door behind me? Why am I trying to rub out that black dot on my screen when it's actually a ' little ' that thing '

Why? Why? Why?

How come it’s easier to sit here than to go outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine?

Why is it that things I used to love to do are now but a memory . 

Am I happy? 

Am I sad? 

What am I? 

Who am I? Where has everyone gone? 

Why does childhood end?


Why is it that I ask why so much?

Today I was listening to Paul Kelly now he is an amazing story teller. 

In his song he said there were these two blokes going on a fishing trip. Only when they get there they see this woman’s body lying in the river and she is dead and she’s been molested, (only Paul Kelly says it so much better than I do). The fisthermen basically put the body between two rocks and keep fishing for two days and then they go back to report the death to the  police and some other guy gets charged for the murder and the mutilation. It's a great song. Paul's really a great story teller though. You really need to check out the song to see just how good he is and to see how much I just distorted the real story in that song. 

But could anyone really do that? I mean, find a body and leave it for a couple of days before reporting it to the Police in all good conscience? Could anyone really do that? Probably. But what if they took the body to the Police and then they got charged for her molestation and murder, then what?

And, I guess that's what writers do. They make up the "then what" scenarios. Then this happened and then this happened and then that happened but somehow they have to make it so much more exciting than how I just explained it. 
So many stories have been done to death. So what is an interesting story now? 
What can we write about that hasn't already been written? What's your take on it?

And so, another Nano moment just passes away until another day.

Zak, hoping it will happen tomorrow.

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