Day Seventeen ~ NanoWriMo ~ The Heat is on...

Tomorrow hasn't happened yet but today has...

Today I started the day with a quick trip around the paddock in the 4WD to feed the cattle and enjoy the rather too warm spring weather. It’s a beautiful day out there and a welcome change from the past few days of overcast indecision - bit like how my writing's been.

Anyway, today is another day and today I have a sense of confident but somewhat quiet hope that this day the plot bunnies can go back into their burrows and the man standing in the doorway with the loaded gun can take a back seat and hang loose for a while. 


That sounded very sixties didn’t it? 

Now people born after 1980 wouldn’t really have a sense of what hanging-loose means or meant, and hell, half the people living in the sixties didn’t have much of an idea either, really. And that, my friend is why we have the wonderful population of people we have today - hooray! Let’s celebrate! It’s almost Christmas...

Anyway, today we celebrate Day 17 of NanoWriMo and if you check out the site there are over 1,651,450,734 collective words for 2011. 


Imagine having enough lifetimes to read all those words.

I wonder, being the cynic that I can sometimes be; how many of those so-called word counts are conjured numbers that people plug in each day or every few days to make themselves look like they’ve been writing.

“Oh no,” you say.

“How could people do that?”

Don’t be so shocked you’ve probably done it yourself. Nah, I didn’t say or think that of you at all. No, really that was just a spin back from the sixties, not my thoughts, not real, not at all. Gee we used to talk some crap back in those days, didn't we.

So how’s Nano going for you?

I’ve not heard much from anyone about how they are traveling. I guess all the bunnies are head-down-bum-up with loaded guns pointing at their , okay let's not go there huh?

'Til next we meet, tweet. Whatever.


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