Na No Wri Mo 2011 ~ It's on again and I'm late! Get ready to write *shit


Well it’s Nano time again and this year, big IN suck of breath: I’m going to complete the 50,000 words and go hell for leather all month and still manage to study for my Accounting exam - ahem.

Anyway, now that I’ve got that BS off my chest.

What is my novel going to be about? Well, this year I’ve chosen F for Fantasy, not F for I can’t get this F’n novel written. At least that’s how I hope it all turns out. Fantasy that is, and a finished 50,000 word novel not swearing my heart out! 

So, fantasy. Hmmm, how to start?

Once upon a time in a land that didn’t exist a writer had to create a story about a fantasy. No, the writer had to write a fantasy about a story. No, that’s not it either. Hmmm, I already have that sinking feeling that this thing ain’t gunna be easy. This Nano 2011 is going to be a tuff slog.

Is there anybody out there?I can hear an old song coming on. 

Is there anybody out there feeling something? Eminem I believe after a short Google search. Funny the songs called “Talkin' To Myself”. Hmm, must have written that song for a writer doing Nano or not. Maybe it’s another song I’m thinking of... Yeah it was.

Okay wasted fifteen minutes Googling and reading and watching a You Tube video of the song but it’s put me in the mood for writing, um no, singing actually. Great song.

Amazing how the internet can distract one from the task at hand. 

Apparently that song, the one in my head is actually, Don’t Hold Back by Potbelleez. Don’t quote me I have no idea if Google really knows if that’s true or not. And who the hell is Google anyway?

Now how many words is that? 

Does it count? Yes it does. Even though it’s not the start of any novel or the start of anything really it still counts. As Natalie Goldberg would say just write shit if you have to, and that's what I do every year in November. All the writing rules go out the window. The grammar and the spelling and the sense of being correct all go flying out that big lovely window as I stare out that window I see paddocks and trees and moo cows and my lazy old white dog with only three legs and Zak the black dog and where are my four cats (two belong to Mum and Dad). Uh oh, I'm distracted again. 

But Woo Hoo! We have lift off!

439 words and only (opens keyboards calculator punches in 2000 - 439 hits enter and sees answer; keeps typing) 1561. Supposed to be an Accountant (or at least studying to be one) and should have done that two second sum in my head. Oh well, guess I’m more writer than Accountant just takes some of us longer than others I guess.

At this rate I’ll be finished this "novel-in-a-month" in oh, about ten years! 

Got to go to work now so try again tomorrow. 

Note to self: Get up earlier!



 * It's okay to write shit from Natalie Goldberg's book: Writing Down the Bones.


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