NanoWriMo Day 25 ~ Playing Catch Up...

I thought I'd better pop by and say HELLO!

I've been busily sorting out my "real life" since exams and studying for the semester are over. I tend to let some things ride while engrossed in studies and then it's like, I come out of that world back into crunching reality and realize I have a stack of things to catch up on.

So, NanoWriMo got put on the back-burner too over the past seven days. How you lose seven days of your blogging life? It just happens. I'm not about to waste any time trying to figure that one out.

So,this is just a hello kind of post to let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, at least not yet and I'm doing a lot of thinking not much writing.

I'm sure all you good writers out there know writing is not only pen and paper or keyboard clunking, it does require a substantial amount of thinking, research and heaps of other fun stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy Friday!

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