NaNoWriMo ~ All over for another year...

Well, I have to confess, I bombed out well and truly this year. 

Well, I bombed out publicly on Blogger, anyway.

I'm having so much fun writing my daily hand-written journal or morning pages, as some like to call it, that I didn't get back online to complete the Nano this year. Such is life.

And, you know, I don't even feel guilty.

In fact, I feel liberated and great.

I love Nano, (usually) and most years I do it and have fun with it. This year, I don't know why exactly but it didn't happen and I didn't feel bad or guilty in the end. I went through stages throughout the month of November where I thought I should get online and do some more but somehow LIVING was so much more important this month than being online.

When you have two parents in their eighties and one has alzhiemer's and the other a touch of dementia you realize what is important in life. You realize that worrying about what others might think or trying to impress someone with your Wow! word count is really not up there with living your life and loving your family.

Feels good...

How'd your Nano go this year?