US government censorship

I am protesting planned US government censorship of the
Internet today. I urge you to join me.

If you have a site, please black it out.

Search SOPA for wordpress plugins, or add the javascript

As for my sites, you will not be able to use:

My sites are censored protesting the PIPA/SOPA legislation
that will destroy internet freedom.

As a learning writer and an editor
I am not impressed by being told

I no longer have freedom of speech.

Imagine a learning site that could not quote other

I have signed the website partition, (as An Aussie) and if you are a
US citizen, I beg you to write to your Congressmen and let them 
know you are not happy about these proposed changes.

If you are NOT a US citizen, you can still join the
protest and fight to stop this legislation that will
affect EVERYONE who uses the Internet. Sign the petition
to the State Department.

You can reach links to do so by clicking on any of my
site links above between now and 8PM.

Or go directly to:


Research this.

Come to your own conclusions.

Thank you for any help you can offer today.



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