What is Blog Candy?

Well, to be honest I didn’t know blog candy existed until recently.

I believe blog candy is sweet yummy lollies or accolades that you get except you get them on your blog and you really can’t eat them unless you have a vivid imagination. 
Luckily I can eat blog candy and I ate mine all up. Yum! 

Er, it's also pretty logos and styles for your blog, I believe.

Anyway I recently received blog candy and I thought it was kinda special and cute too. It's reserved for people with blogs like mine that have less than 200 followers. 

How it happens is that someone else that blogs or surfs the web thinks your blog is worthy of having more followers so they nominate you and basically get the word out that you and your blog exist. It’s a form of encouragement (I guess) to help you keep blogging and not give up.

I've certainly needed a bit of that lately. 

I've been writing but it's all been in my hand-written diary or what is affectionately known by some writers ex, Julia Cameron, as morning pages. My daily writing sometimes seem more like mourning pages and I refuse to come online and make you all suffer that with me. 

I do my three pages every morning or every other morning and sometimes it flows easily and sometimes it's damned hard. Either way I write. 

That's why this blog candy was so special and it came at the right time, a time when I was struggling to get myself back online and out there.


Ugh! Now I have the, I want candy, lyrics playing in my head...

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