WRITING: ZAK'S SANDPIT - No boys allowed...


Stuff happens in the sandpit.

Remember when you were a kid?

The sandpit was where stuff got done. It's where kids got down dirty and creative and not in a bad way... And it was fun!

Can it happen again?

Am I too old?

Well, today it was where I found my muse. You know, MUSE not moose! 

The sandpit is a place that Zak can come and throw around a few letters around to hopefully group together a few words that may actually have some meaning. Those words are pretty special if they have meaning. If they are random words that's okay too because a lot of writing practice is simply writing garbage or arguing with oneself until something comes of it. 

Funny to think that of all those good novels people have written over the years. YES, some poor soul had to go through this self-defeating and frustrating process in order to bring you the stories you love to read.  It's not easy, it's hard and it can be fun too.

Don't believe me?

Well, even the best writers have doubts and they struggled and perservered pushed on (that word was to big for me) until finally something brilliant or at least worthy of being read was produced. 

So here we play and talk a load of crap so we can find a way to get past the naughty writer's block and release the muse within. We slay the damned dragon that breathed its horrible fire into our minds and set free the magic moose no it was a duck actually.

I like to sprinkle a little fairy dust too because grains of sand that look like the alphabet are also mixed with grains of fairy dust. Do you know I actually got to see some fairy dust the other day? AND, I was surprised to see just how small those little gold grains really are, unbelievable.

AND, it doesn't matter if I write rubbish, trash, or bees-wax here as long as I write that's all that matters. 

ONLY, no putting rubbish in the sandpit! That's a NO NO!

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