How important is spelling, grammar and typos?


To me, spelling mistakes are like painting over the walls of a battered old house. 

The scars of life on the walls of our houses leave all types of scratches, holes, squashed bug marks (you know the one's caused by those insects you smacked on the wall and sort of thought afterwards - Damn why'd I do that? ) and children's crayons, (nice happy scenes: This is mommy. This is daddy and me and the dog.) And, all sorts of things but with a bit of putty (fixing typos and spelling mistakes) and an undercoat (grammar and fixing POV) the old house can keep its character in tact but gains a whole new coat of paint to make it SHINE!

So, how important is all that stuff?

I like to be as professional in my writing as I can but as a mere human I realize being perfect is not an option. I guess this is the 'out' that I need and so I forgive myself for my boo-boos.

I hope you have learned to forgive yourself too. It's not the typos or the errors that come out that matter, it's what you end up doing with them that counts.

So, we write, write and write to get our words written and then we rewrite, rewrite and rewrite then we edit and edit and edit. Eventually we hope to get it right or is that write? Oh well here we go again...

Zak ~ the perfectionist.
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