How watching people is great fodder for writers...

Watching people is a great source of inspiration for writing practice.

You know, those guys you saw yesterday casually ambling along the street. That walk you you can't mistake. You know the one, like they own the place.

One held a stubby of beer the next had his hands down the front of his pants scratching at his balls and the other one barely rated a mention, too skinny too ugly. Holidays bring out the best in people. If their best is for story-writing-fodder. 

I find it fascinating watching people. Just sitting back and watching. It can be in a restaurant or at the footy or at the pictures. 

And watching people watching people can be fascinating too, especially to us writers.

Often the buzz of people melt into the surroundings and not a lot of people stand out but somehow there’s always that one memorable person and that person is the one we create stories about. The one  that somehow looks like he’s got a sign in front of him saying, watch me and learn. Look at me, I’m going places. I am somebody but who are they and what do they do? Then they too fade into the abyss that is the background noise…

And that’s when you pick up your pen or starting thumping away at your keyboard. These are the characters of stories. 

That's my Sunday contribution...

How do you get your ideas? What inspires you?

Zak - taking it easy

photo credit: Chaval Brasil via photopin cc

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