Real Advice For Serious Writers

It seems there is an awful lot of repetition on the internet. Sadly, this mostly comes from people trying to churn out volumes of work in order to stay high up on search engines or to bulk write article content.

In order to become a serious writer you need to be original and that means not mimicking, copying or rewriting every article or idea you see. People want new ideas, different thinking or better still something truly amazing on a subject not regurgitated clap-trap.

If you’re serious about your writing come up with your own ideas. Did you know it's actually easier to make things up than it is to copy and rewrite another person's words. You may think you're saving yourself work but in reality it's a whole lot harder to rewrite than it is to free-write. Chances are you will create a better quality of work and there will be no chance that you will be blamed for plagiarizing. 

What you choose to write about may be simple or common everyday events or happenings but they can be given to the reader with originality and your unique voice.

What are you waiting for? Go write with your original voice.

Zak - the optimist

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